Providing web design and brand marketing expertise in North Texas since 1999, we relocated to Texoma for good in 2023.

I love it


Growing up camping on the TX/OK border, I’ve also had a 900 acre land lease in Denison since 2007. Moving here in 2023 was a great decision.

I bring 24 years of creative marketing leadership experience and spent a decade as an executive in the hottest advertising agencies working on brands like Bank of America and Bell Helicopter.

Along the way I learned that every brand needs a great strategy, story and voice. For the last 14 years I’ve been working independently with businesses of every size via Kindred.

All of my clients have needed help telling their story in a compelling way.  Everyone needs help keeping up with the endless marketing options available today (digital or traditional) to get the mix right for their business.

A new Denison

case study.

In November of 2023 we met Dr. JoBeth Augustyniak. We reached out to her when we learned she had just opened her startup family medical practice and had used Wix to build her new website on her own.

We saw a great opportunity to take our expertise and use it for a startup again. After an interview with the doctor to hear why she started the practice from her heart we created a new website to tell her story.

All new content captures how Direct Primary Care (the model that Uplift offers patients) is different from other options to see a doctor without medical insurance coverage.

The new mobile 1st design was optimized to look awesome on smart phones and is responsive so it looks great on other screen sizes, too. The doctor is pleased to have a site that captures what she has to offer well.


we’re small, mighty and affordable for you.

Outlaws come in many forms. If you have a website that doesn’t perform well on smartphones it’s a bandit taking from your business. Google’s algorithms identify websites with mobile usability issues and removes them from search results.

Do you have Google Analytics set up on your website? Does your site have mobile usability issues? Do you monitor and analyze performance data for your online presence? 

Knowing all the tools available and which to use to grow your business is our expertise. It’s how we act as sheriff, watching over your business to help maximize your growth.

Mobile Website Design

We’ve created more than five hundred websites all built to perform best on smartphones. Google’s algorithms are constantly being updated to identify which sites work best on phones. Sites that don’t perform well get dropped from Google search results. 

Fractional CMO

The going rate for a Chief Marketing Officer is $75,000 to $250,000 per year. The speed at which marketing is evolving continues to accelerate as digital solutions are leveraged more. It’s impossible to stay ahead of it all without help. A Fractional CMO means you get CMO expertise affordably.

Brand Development

A brand is so much more than a catchy name or logo design. We’ve helped clients identify and unlock what makes their offering attractive and powerful. Articulating their story in a clear, concise and compelling way is next. It all starts with a great strategy.

Digital Marketing

Social media to SMS text campaigns. You name it and we’ve done it. If you need help with an email campaign or want to do better at keeping in touch with existing customers we can assist. We’re an expandable, virtual, high-value extension to your team.


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about Kindr3d.

We exist to assist others on their ride to achieving the level of success they dreamed of when setting up their new corporation or LLC. Those who choose us are like-minded: focused on purpose, people and exponential growth. Our twenty-four years experience helping hundreds further identify, better articulate, and fully ignite their secret sauce leave us uber ready to do it all again.

Kindr3d lives family values. They’re interwoven into our everything. We know that creating deep-rooted, loyal fans requires authentic connections to be made. When everyone feels like family is when the magic happens. We do it all together with a kindred spirit.